Who are we?

The Life Builders platform allows investors and any Christian leader to connect for the mobilization, inspiration, training, equipping and promoting effective business leaders. It leads successful businesses and become life-changers in Communities. The ultimate goal of the Life Builders extends beyond just seeing men and women blessed and succeed in their businesses. We want to impact, change, transform and inspire people and Communities.

  • Inspiration and transformation
  • Awake the dreams of each entrepreneur or future entrepreneur
  • Direct and position them with the support of investors
  • Build a long term training through conferences, workshop, webinars etc to help them remain on market no matter the economic changes

Life Builder was launched in 2012 by Didier Kashinda, CEO of Kashinda Business Solution and it has partnered with Bread of Life Foundation- Community of churches & Christian networks. The purpose is to awake the dreams sleeping in people, make and equip them as entrepreneurs on the continent of dreams, opportunities (Africa) and allow them to grow and succeed even with a low budget.

Life Builder has experienced positive effect in the lives of its participants despite the economic and social instability. Africa in its form presents opportunities that ensure a bright future for people, continent and the all world and investors are attracted. We trust in the time for Africa to make people shine and the platform prepares individual to be ready to change and to adapt to any changes that may occur in the world and affect the continent.

The LBC 2015

Inspiring Great Leaders to Create Wealth


Friday October 30 to Saturday October 31, 2015
Johannesburg, South Africa

Value and Accomplishments

Our value is determined by the training, conferences we offer and our partnership with investors around the world. Our vision is to work with investors from the continent (Africa) as the culture will allow us to be efficient and enlarge our network through our “Business Directory” but we are open to international investors.

This initiative will establish a correlation between the effect of local investors and attraction of international investors on the achievement of entrepreneurs’ goals.

In five years we have been able to train more than 200 business leaders and established a solid network that spreads over seven countries including South Africa, Zimbabwe, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Gabon, Canada and USA.

In order to be more effective reaching out to Christian business people and ensure a solid follow-up, we have partnered up with local Church leaders who are now part of platform.

How can you help?

During the last five years, we have experienced successes and challenges. We are seeing an increasing number of people joining our platform and requesting for support. International institutions are interesting in investing or financing important projects worth more than a couple million dollars. The majority of new entrepreneurs only need less than $20,000. We would like to be able to give a chance to everybody so that they can succeed.

In order to achieve that, we need your help! You can help us by making a donation towards the Life Builders projects, or by becoming a sponsor.


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